Doom Charts – Peroration List for February 2023

The Doom Charts have spoken again and the Peroration List for February 2023 is up! Here is a list of 27 killer albums that barely didn’t make the February Charts by the skin of their teeth. Some personal favourites are the stellar session of An Evening With Knives, the new albums by Dead Blonde Stars and Grandma’s Ashes (if you miss the 90s, check them out today). I also wrote a small blurb for the new album by TEKSTI-TV 666, which I ‘m sure you wanna check out pronto, so here you go!

Krautrock, Garage, Psych
Helsinki, Finland
Svart Records

Explosive garage psych of the highest order with a punk rock attitude and an energy that grabs you by the throat. This could have been the brainchild of Uffo Lorenzen (Baby Woodrose) and Dave Wyndorf (Monster Magnet). All songs are one better than the other, and this is a very rare quality for any album really. Especially “TJ” is a masterpiece of how modern prog psych should sound. Have no doubt that this album will have you listen again and again, brilliant stuff!

Check out the full list of blurbs and links for the bands on this link!

Until next time, support the undeground!

Words by Ioannis Valiakos