Greyborn: New Video of “Bits & Pieces”

Three days ago, the French stoner rock power trio GREYBORN released their new video for their killer latest single “Bits & Pieces”. If you are a fan of QOTSA-fuelled bands like Patron and Royal Blood, this tune will getcha for good!

A few words on the song from the singer / drummer’s mouth reached us through the PR Wire:

Theo Jude: “Bits & Pieces is an anticipation song inspired by the endless progress of science. It raises many ethic questions, for good or ill. In this song, we most specifically think about what makes us human, and wonder if anything (or anyone) is replaceable.”

“Bits & Pieces” is part of their upcoming debut EP. More details soon to revealed through the official channels of the band. Watch the video below and follow them closely for updates.


Facebook | Bandcamp | Spotify

Post by Ioannis Valiakos

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