Cosmic Order: New Album “Inner Temple” Out by Argonauta Records Tomorrow

The French grunge progsters Cosmic Order are officially releasing their first full album “Inner Temple” through the mighty Argonauta Records tomorrow! If you can’t wait until then, go to 666MrDoom’s channel and listen the album in full today!

Some words from the PR wire: “Fans of Alice In Chains, Soundgarden and Tool should give ear, as the French band creates a vigorous and cinematic sound universe leaning towards progressive metal, (post)-grunge and often giving a nod to dark wave. Adding synths and background sound designs, ever balancing between the light and dark, will most likely see COSMIC ORDER release a debut of musical grandeur! Following the band‘s 2016-EP, First Verse, their upcoming record will unquestionable become one of THE highlights in early 2022 of an eclectic Argonauta roster!”



Post by Ioannis Valiakos

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