Mississippi Bones – Creature Features and Cult Classics (2022)

Saddle up people, the monster of Ohio has awaken! Merely a year after their excellent “Wise Words from the Uninformed”, the almighty Mississippi Bones are back, adding another gem in their impressive catalogue. “Creature Features and Cult Classics” is the band’s last album with Jason Miller behind the drums, and what a legacy to leave behind!

The album is literally filled with eleven bangers, like the opening “Attack of the Salamander Riders” and the massive “Big Rot”. Throughout the album, there are tunes that ooze with the blues (here’s a rhyme Jared!) like “Alligator Man” and “SidID”, and grooves like “Exiled” and Giant Atomic Hellbeasts” that will become instant classics for Bones fans. Intelligent lyrics as always, with a personal favourite the “Devil Girl from Mars” with its Soundgarden-esque songwriting and rhymes about alien invasions (or are they?).

Now that I come to think about it, I shouldn’t really be reviewing albums by the Mississippi Bones, because I am so goddamn positively prejudiced! But this is truly one of those rare albums that you should listen as a whole to properly experience. And I promise you, it only gets better and better with every listen. Simply put, if the new Bones album can’t shake you, nothing ever will! Brilliant record, I can’t wait for the vinyl!

Words by Ioannis Valiakos

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