ZOM – Fear and Failure (Stonefly Records 2022)

ZOM’s sophomore album “Fear and Failure” is one of those rare hard rock gems that once they get you, they get you for good!

The album is hard-packed with intelligent song-writing, catchy hooks and a crystal sound (curated by none other than the great Jack Endino). I ‘d have a hard time choosing a favourite song, but if I really had too, I ‘d say that I loved the Sasquatchy approach on “Third Life” and “Another Day to Run”. Many kudos for their passionate cover of Nebula’s “Down the Highway” as well.

Throughout the album, the guitar tone is brilliant, accompanied with a top-notch rhythm section. There were moments where the vocals reminded me of the great Kelly Holland from Cry of Love, and this is a compliment that I rarely give, if ever. If you are a fan of bands like Sasquatch, Ugly Kid Joe and Cry of Love, look out for the super limited edition vinyl by Stonefly Records and grab this album yesterday!

Words by Ioannis Valiakos

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