We Broke The Weather is a fearless quintet from Somerville, Massachusetts. And I say fearless because I have listened to their brilliant debut album and many of you most likely have not. For fear of revealing too much, let’s just simply say that We Broke The Weather inhabits a universe where the sounds of The Mars Volta and Thank You Scientist live in happy unison, creating music that is out of this world.

Already from the first half of the album, tunes like “Rot King” and “Niceberg” are cruising over genres and musical styles with remarkable ease, taking their jazzy prog rock to pathways of funky psychedelia and bossas. “These Old Bones” and “Fire Season” are evidence that the roots of the band run deeper to the progressive psychedelia of ancestors like Van De Graaf Generator.

Other times, they take poppier paths that bring to mind the bold experimentation of Pink Floyd, of which “In Web” is a masterpiece and a brilliant example. While their debut reflects all those influences, the band brings to the table a fresh approach with their excellent musicianship and songwriting skills. For sure, it takes real courage to write such an album, and real guts to listen to it.

That said, close your eyes and take a leap of faith into their universe. Thank me later. Let the horns in the middle of “The Fog” welcome you to the machine for this new century. And did I mention, in their universe of We Broke The Weather, Patton clearly remains God. Brilliant stuff!

Words by Ioannis Valiakos

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