Firebreather – Dwell in the Fog (Riding Easy Records 2022)

Following their excellent “Under a Blood Moon” on 2019, the Swedish trio returned in February 2022 with what is hands down their best work to date! Ambitiously raw and sonically majestic, “Dwell in the Fog” includes six anthemic and relentlessly melodic songs, with compelling grooves that waltz between the best moments of Mastodon and High on Fire. In all, the new album of the band literally breathes fire!

Throughout the album, the riffs flow like a river of burning lava, with a blistering tone and a top notch production. There are intelligent Sabbath references (check out the excellent vocal melody on “Creed”). On the self-titled song and on “Weather the Storm”, the band digs deeper and deeper, unearthing roots of Neurosis and Crowbar.

After several repeat listens since it came out, I am still convinced that my favourite song of the album has been and remains “Spirit’s Flown”. It always takes my mind to the brilliant tune “Burn Your Halo” by one of the most criminally underrated bands, the Danish post-rock sludgers IAmFire (if the name Peter Dolving means anything to you, you need to check these guys out today).

Brace yourselves for a mind-bending experience, and don’t be surprised if you see “Dwell in the Fog” in the top albums of the year. The riffs are massive, the sound is top notch and the songs are great. That’s what great albums are made of!

Words by Ioannis Valiakos

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