Greyborn – Leeches (F2M Planet / Believe 2022)

There are those rare times when I am so genuinely impressed by an album that I really don’t want to write anything about it. All I really want to do is just listen and enjoy. Such is the case with “Leeches”, the brilliant debut EP by Greyborn. Hailing from the French city of Limoges, this power trio is bound to reach massive audiences, and when they do, you will know that you ‘d read it here first.

The EP kicks off with “Leeches”, the self-titled track of the album, and oh dear God, what a way to start! A high octane desert rock riff, coupled with Theo’s top quality vocals and ferocious drumming. Up next comes “Bits & Pieces” with a blistering guitar riff and a raging groove section that Royal Blood would certainly envy. The next song “Jharia” is my personal favourite of the album, with some of Theo’s best vocal work and a rhythm section that shakes the room.

In “After Dark”, you will certainly appreciate the band’s disco rock approach and their intelligent wink to what could have easily been a Slayer riff! The ending tune “Corrosive Faith” kicks off with an eerie melody that flows like warm lava through the speakers, before it picks up from the same blistering tone that “Bits & Pieces” left off.

In terms of sound, the EP was mastered by the renowned Swedish producer Karl Daniel (Katatonia, Lowrider, Crippled Black Phoenix). Its warm sound combined with the balance and natural space between instruments makes you feel that you are right there in the studio with the band.

In all, Greyborn are exceptional students of the disco-rock desert grooves popularised by QOTSA, and their debut EP is a brilliant addition to the genre. If there is justice left in the world, it will be snatched for a vinyl release before the ink of this review is dry. Hands down, one the best EPs of the year!

FFO: Huanastone, Patron, Rascal Whack.

GREYBORN line-up:
Théo Jude – Drums & vocals
Guillaume Barrou – Bass & backing vocals
Maxime Conan – Guitars & backing vocals

Words by Ioannis Valiakos

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